eleven cambodia

Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia, 2015

Project of a first-aid structure for a competition.

The building with the shape of a hedgehog floats on a platform, so that it can be easily moved with the use of a ship. The building presents two different terraces one on top of the other: the one on the ground floor has a direct access from the lake and the one on the first floor is semi-covered and can be accessed by a wooden ladder.

The rooms are organized around a central nucleus. Thanks to this layout, all the rooms have a view on the east, south or west side.

The windows look like wounds on the skin of the building, through which you can see the outside landscape that keeps changing as the building is floating on water. Showing deep respect for the nature that surrounds the building, it is made of organic and local materials; this is a chance for Cambodian people to build using their own techniques. Moreover, all the materials are recyclable and could be reused when the structure gets dismissed.

From nature to building and back to nature again.

PRESS: Genitron