green culture

Milan, Italy, 2009

In the international competition, Public Design Festival was asked to design an installation in a car park (5×2 mt). The aim was to return the space to users. This should be an area of social integration, meeting and experimentation. One of the key objectives of the project was to use recyclable materials and interact with the work.

“GREEN CULTURE”, was born from the desire to offer design participants who present during this week in Milan, giving them a place to relax and escape from the frenzy and chaos around them.

For this reason we have projected a place to retreat, creating a “cave-like” environment using natural materials such as wood and greenery.

The shape is irregular and broken, the wooden platform of the network which grows green stems creates a sense of closure from the outside and the parked cars beside it. Upon entering users are provided cushions made from recycled plastic sheeting filled with recyclable materials such as polystyrene from exhibitions and events.

Take advantage of this space by reading, socializing, grabbing a drink, eating a sandwich or just enjoying the window of sky that is created between the green screen.