Modena, Italy, 2007

Installation for the contest  [Projectroomxs].
Projectroomxs had invited young artists to think about a little and constrictive place (1.95 x 2.00 m and 2.50 m hight) and to make a site-specific installation in this extra-small place where people could live the space 360°.

The project aimed to involve the people to live the space in a plurisensorial way.
A relaxing music is alternated to a rock one and at the same time there are blue, red and yellow lights in the place. A continuous soap bubbles are generated. In the box people can play, dance, speak to each other and interact with the bubbles.
The writing itself has been placed partly on the front of the box and partly inside it in order to create again a perceptive game. The writing gives the message as the installation: “LIVE-DREAM-HAVE FUN-FOR A WHILE”.