Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2010

International design competition for Rotterdam. The aim was to integrate youth and skateboard culture within the public realm.

We have inspired to “LOVE”, a work of Robert Indiana (an exponent of Pop Art, which greatly influenced the Street Art, nominated by the New York Times as “Landscapist of signals”) and to the game “SKATE”, very popular among skaters.

The project consists of structures shaped as the letters which compose the word skate. These letters/structures will be arranged randomly in the city, in a square, or in any other part, in order to create a sort of itinerary and to increase the people’s curiosity. People could skate on each letter, or sit for a break, or read a book, or just sit and enjoy the skaters’ tricks.

Moreover, some letters (K and A) could be used as walls for video installations during concerts or festivals. This way, different solutions for a dynamic and creative place will be designed. The colours we have used are the ones of the De Stijl (red, yellow and blue), for different reasons: first  because it is a distinctive Dutch artistic movement, then because these colours are bright and energetic and convey a dynamic effect.

EXHIBITION: Reclaiming the street