tacos plaza

Zurich, Switzerland, 2017

Project of a Mexican restaurant in Zurich.
As an art director I was responsible for the interior design of the restaurant and for choosing the materials, the colors and also the furniture.
Inspired by the Mexican atmosphere and above all by “los dias de los muertos” (the days of the dead). A project with Mexican details for a city like Zurich with a hipster tendency. A strong contrast on the walls between the intense colors given by the papel picados and the murales and the light colors like the turquoise -the color of water in the Caribbean-, which together whit the white helps to “enlarge” the place. Moreover, recycled elements like the tables and the counter made of old pallets get in contrast with design lamps hanging at the ceiling.
No matter the contrasts, every element coexists with the other creating a dynamic and lively relaxing place.