Trentini Maymudes House

Venice, Los Angeles, USA, 2017

Renovation of a small independent house in Venice (Los Angeles, California).
According to the requests of the clients the house has been divided in two separate areas, the sleeping room and the living room area.
After demolishing a wall the new living room becomes bigger and brighter, the kitchen is integrated in it and you have the feeling of being in the same room, even if they are two different ones.
The modern style of the kitchen and the hipster style of the house are harmonious/ homogeneous, the quartz cover topĀ is an element that links the modern and the antique style of the furniture.
A selective study has been made on the wall color choice; it had to be a non-invasive color but at the same time a color with character and elegance: the result is a light grey combined with white. During the day the sun light makes the light-grey become almost white and you perceive the real shade only in the night time. You can feel the same room in different ways also depending on the weather outside.